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“It was such a mesmerising and compelling elevated genre film. It had a particular strangeness that I haven’t quite seen before. Sort of felt like one long soothing nightmare.” - Billy Senese

Senior Programmer and Founder Defy Film Festival

‘To Tokyo’ is travelling the Festival Circuit

Winner of …

Best Cinematography at Creation International Film Festival and Unrestricted View Film Festival.

Award for Excellence in Acting and Best Editing at Creation International Film Festival.

Best in Fest at Defy Film festival.

Best Feature Film, Best Female Performance and Best Fantasy Film at Shiver Film Festival.

Honourable Mention at LA Underground Film Forum.

Nominated and Official Selection for…

Orlando Film Festival, The Louisiana International Film festival, The European Independent, Film Festival, Lift Off Global Network Berlin, Winter Film Awards International Film Festival and Syracuse International Film Festival.


Winter Film Festival 2019 New York, NY

Interview with Emily Seale-Jones (character Zoe)